Canberra Music Education School   

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Diane London - Director

I have played piano since childhood and instantly developed a love for music, it is this enjoyment and appreciation that I have been passing on to others as a piano teacher for over 15 years in Canberra. My training has included university study (BMUS) at the Canberra School of Music (Australian National University) as well as a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies from the Australian National University.

As part of my studies at the Canberra School of Music, I have been taught by some of Australia’s most talented musicians, including Professor Larry Sitsky who is a prolific Australian composer, pianist, researcher and who is one of the founding members of the Canberra School of Music (ANU) and John Luxton (former head of the Canberra School of Music (ANU)).

As a pianist I have performed many times at the Canberra School of Music as well as performances across Canberra including the Australian Parliament House .and Wesley Music Centre.

One of the key approaches to my teaching is recognising and responding to unique student needs. Instead of following just one inflexible teaching style, I prioritise developing goals with the student and then creating a plan for the student to achieve their goals.  Student goals can vary widely and can include just wanting learn to play the piano for fun; preparing for AMEB piano practical exams; learning piano to ‘keep the brain active’; or even learning to compose music. I have helped hundreds of students successfully achieve their musical goals.

Lynn Chan - Piano & singing teacher

Lynn started playing the piano at 6 years of age and was trained in classical music (ABRSM - London) in Singapore under the renowned Victor Doggett. She has been teaching since 1987! She grew up playing in many concerts and competitions.


Lynn has a passion for teaching. She loves to enlighten students that anything is possible and that they can be creative. She prides herself by watching her students develop their own self-esteem and for them to be proud of their achievements. She believes that students need to have fun playing the piano. She is a dedicated teacher. She believes there are many ways to achieve one’s goals and there is no one set way of interpreting music. 


Lynn has also taught in a local private school for more than 6 years. She has had many students who have successfully completed AMEB, ANZCA and ABRSM exams. Lynn attends regular workshops and pedagogy conferences and is often accompanying church choirs and is an active member of a community choir.

Kelly Sturgiss - Piano, Singing, Trumpet & Flute Teacher

Kelly has been teaching music privately for the past nine years. She has a diploma in music and has studied classical piano, flute and a variety of instruments since the age of five. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Art, in which she has included music and sound into her work. Kelly’s strengths lie in teaching students to read and understand music from a beginner level. Her method of teaching includes different ways of understanding, and blending techniques to best suit the student. She also includes an improvisation session in every lesson, to have the student feel the music and exercise their knowledge and natural expression. She adores the beauty and structure of classical pieces, but her repertoire extends to contemporary and composition. Kelly strives to be a dynamic and inspiring teacher.

Sean Luan—Singing and piano teacher

Sean is a piano and singing teacher who has researched new learning and teaching methods and has been awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Musicology. Sean pioneered the use of the ‘Three Section Teaching Method’ in the teaching of vocal music, which was a great success in practice. The “Three Section Teaching Method” is an efficient, scientific and systematic teaching method including breath tracing, vocal training and singing. This method is suitable for student of all ages, including for young children, avoiding the injury/ lesions of their vocal cords.


Sean is also an experienced piano teacher. He teaches various methods, including the Bastien method. The carefully graded, logical learning sequence assures steady, continual progress. Original music by Bastien includes a mixture of pop, folk, classical, and contemporary styles. In addition, Sean received the international Bastian piano teacher qualification certificate.


All in all, learning from Sean is a dynamic way of letting students experience the marvelous world of music!

Ben Aquilina - Violin and Piano Teacher

Ben Aquilina is a classically trained violinist and pianist, currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology at ANU. 

Ben began playing violin at the age of eight and achieved Grade 8 in the AMEB syllabus in 2014.  Since then, he has continued to work up to an LMusA level while playing in a range of musical ensembles, including: orchestras and string ensembles (assistant concertmaster of the Sydney Grammar School Orchestra); quartets; trios; and quintets.  He has performed at a range of events and venues, including the Sydney Opera House as well as countless weddings, charity events and fundraisers.

Ben has a strong background in musical performance and theory and would love to share his passion for violin with students of any age or ability and with beginner to intermediate piano students.

Oliver Robjohns – Piano Teacher

Oliver had been playing piano since he was 6. He has completed a Diploma of Music and is now studying music at ANU.

Oliver has performed at shows and weddings around his home town on the South Coast of NSW, including Tempting Morsels for Artslab in Kangaroo Valley. He enjoys playing classical and contemporary music as well as improvising and composing his own pieces for piano.

Oliver likes to brings a relaxed style and sense of fun to his piano teaching while still making sure the fundamental and technical aspects of learning the piano are covered.

George Yeh Zhao - Piano, Accordion & Composition Teacher

George is an accordionist, pianist and sonic artist, who is a graduate from Shenyang Conservatory of Music with a major in Electroacoustic composition. George is also currently completing his Masters in Music at the Australian National University.

George started to play the accordion and piano since his childhood. As a musician and sonic artist, he has performed and exhibited his works many times overseas including Beijing International Electroacoustic Music Festival, Shanghai International Electroacoustic Music Week, a concert for academic exchange in De Montfort University, UK, and an Electroacoustic concert in the University of Oregon, USA; as well as performances across Canberra including the Canberra International Music Festival and National Science Week.

He is currently researching music education, especially inclusion and multimodality in music teaching. He believes that learning music helps students to establish a positive character and a healthy self-image which will accompany them in their lifetime. He strives to be a good music teacher and to bring happiness through music to his students.

Samantha Lengyel - Violin & Piano Teacher

Samantha Lengyel is an experienced violinist, teacher, and composer who also strongly enjoys musicology. She has completed her Certificate of Performance AMEB and during high school excelled in High Level Music in the International Baccalaureate (IB) where she received the Jennifer May Memorial Prize for Music from St Andrews Cathedral school where she was also a Music Scholar.

Samantha has been studying theoretical and practical music from a young age and has performed in many orchestras including the Sydney Youth Orchestra, NOVA orchestra and was the concertmaster of the ANU orchestra. She has performed in many gigs all over Sydney including in the Kirribilli house for Tony Abbott. Having a passion for global politics Samantha is studying a Bachelor of International Relations/International Security at the Australian National University however never strays far from music being involved in many music programs within Canberra.

As a teacher Samantha strongly believes that an enjoyment for music is essential and advocates that through her teaching. 

James - Guitar & Bass Guitar Teacher

James began his musical journey by playing guitar in bands in high school and has continued to be a performer in bands ever since, he subsequently has completed an Advanced Diploma in Music Performance. James currently plays in several bands in Canberra, his style ranges from contemporary, rock and jazz. James teaches the following instruments from beginner to intermediate level - acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar. James wants to share his love for the guitar and passion for performance with all his students!
Katherine Johnson - Piano Teacher

I am studying advanced science (biochemistry) at the ANU with minors in mathematics and statistics. I began playing piano since the age of 6 and have continued playing through high school and university. Music has always been an important part of my life, something that keeps me focused and gives me pleasure, and I hope to impart this love of music to my students.