Canberra Music Education School   

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Join the fun with our Mini Musicians classes in Lyneham!

Introducing music to young children can provide life-long intellectual and physical benefits –

  1. Music provides a creative outlet which helps develop creative thinking
  2. Improves fine motor skills
  3. Helps develop learning abilities
  4. Encourage social interaction

Our Mini Musicians classes introduce young children aged 0-5 years to core musical concepts and most importantly aims to foster a love for music. We use percussion, singing, games, musical performance and other fun activities to introduce the world of music to young children in small class sizes. Small class sizes benefit students as they have more opportunities to participate, active engagement is an important part of the learning process!

Class details –

Please contact us prior to the class to enrol in our 40 minute classes.


$180 per term, per first child

$140 per term, per second child

Lyneham class time –

Tuesday – 10am

Who will be teaching me?

Kelly Sturgiss has been teaching music for the past ten years. She has a diploma in music and has studied classical piano, flute and a variety of instruments since the age of five. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Art, in which she has included music and sound into her work. Kelly’s strengths lie in teaching students to understand music from a beginner level. Her method of teaching includes different ways of understanding, and blending techniques to best suit the student.

How do I enrol?

Either fill in the enrollment form under the ‘contacts’ page, call Diane on 0414788380 or email us at [email protected]