Canberra Music Education School   

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Welcome to the Canberra Music Education School!

Welcome to the Canberra Music Education School where you will enjoy quality, professional, fun musical education. All our music teachers are highly talented musicians who are university educated or awarded AMEB Associate in Music Diploma Level and are dedicated to passing on their knowledge and skills to their students. We take pride in being a leading music school and are passionate to teach students of all levels, styles and all ages.

Love learning the piano, guitar, singing, flute and other instruments

The Canberra Music Education School offers professional instrumental lessons as well as theory, composition and musicianship lessons. Talented, university educated or AMEB Associate in Music Diploma Level teachers of the following instruments are available:

  1.  Piano
  2. Singing
  3. Guitar
  4. Bass guitar
  5. Flute
  6. Trumpet
  7. Trombone
  8. Violin

Both individual and group lessons are offered. Lessons are customised for the student’s needs and can include the following styles/genres:

Classical, Jazz, Blues, Contemporary, Pop, Rock, Country and Folk.


The School can offer lessons which include the following goals:

  1. exam preparation for all levels;
  2. learning to play just for fun;
  3. for school performances or for special performance events.  

Students from age 4 upwards from beginners to advanced are all welcome. For beginner students, expect to play music pieces from your first lesson. Even students who did not consider themselves as ‘musical’ are surprised to find that they can play music pieces within their first lesson and build on these skills to expand their musical repertoire within every lesson. If you would like to learn to play an instrument and improve your musical skills, contact Diane London (Director) to start your music lessons.


Term Dates for 2017

The School provides lessons during the ACT school terms. The following list provides the 2017 term dates:

 Term 1: Monday, 30 January to Saturday, 8 April

 Term 2: Monday, 24 April to Saturday, 1 July

 Term 3: Monday, 17 July to Saturday, 23 September

 Term 4: Monday, 9 October to Saturday, 16 December